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Does My Child Need Speech Therapy?

Speech and Language skills are the vital foundations for learning and development. They are the pathway through which information is passed from the outside environment into the learner and from the learner back to their environment.   A child who is experiencing difficulties with either the receptive (input) or the expressive (output) parts of language can […]

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Does Insurance Cover Speech and Occupational Therapy in NJ?

If your child needs speech therapy or occupational therapy, then one of the first things to clarify will be your insurance coverage. Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer to the question of whether or not speech and occupational therapy will be covered by your insurance. It can depend on a lot of different factors. So […]

White Noise

Gavi is a well-behaved, precocious third-grader. Gavi’s mother is concerned about Gavi because she does not react to instructions appropriately. Unless Gavi’s mother focuses exclusively on Gavi and gives her specific directions, Gavi appears to shut down and ignore everything she hears. For example, if Gavi’s mother wants everyone to get into the car she […]


Don’t Look Down

Atara is a 2nd grader who hated recess. She refused to go on the swings or down slides, complained to her teacher that all the playground equipment was ‘too scary,’ and even went so far as to stay at her desk to avoid going out to play. At home, Atara insisted her mother hold her […]

Two Sided Issue

Dovi, 7 years old, is having trouble in school. His handwriting is sloppy and often illegible and he complains that his hand hurts when he writes. He mixes up similar letters, such as lowercase B and D or gimmel and zayin, and he may write them backwards or upside down. Dovi does know the letters […]


Seeking Input

Natalie is an adorable four-year-old girl. Her mother is concerned because Natalie is always bumping into people and furniture, falls frequently and occasionally even crashes into walls. Natalie is always touching things as she encounters them and often lies down flat on the floor during meals or class time. Natalie’s mother brought her to The […]


Say What?

Symptoms Joshua could not function in his 5th grade classroom. Whenever his teacher issued instructions like, “Take out your pencil and start working on your worksheet,” Joshua appeared “spaced out” and seemed to ignore the instructions completely. Joshua’s apparent disregard for his teacher’s instructions lead to a breakdown in the classroom environment as the teacher […]


Shouldering the Burden

Ayala was a bright, articulate, and spunky first grader, but she had a terrible handwriting. Her classmates were learning to write full sentences, both in print and script, but Ayala could hardly write at all. When she started writing, her writing would start off strong and then gradually trail away into very lightly written, poorly […]


At the Core of the Matter

Symptoms Jacob is friendly, sociable 4th grader. Although he has many friends and is socially successful, Jacob refuses to play sports during recess. While his classmates play tag, basketball or football, Jacob sits at his desk in the empty classroom. Jacob is otherwise a healthy, happy child, and when asked why he won’t play sports, […]